Revolutionizing the experience and analysis across all Digital purchasing channels

We deploy advanced tools to enhance the shopping experience in eCommerce. Powered by our BI solutions, regardless of the channel.


That Trust Us

Manage and Distribute Your PDP Content

Centralize and Synchronize your product information across various channels, ensuring consistency and real-time updates.

Provide Assistance Across All Your Digital Channels

Offer omnichannel support to your customers through chats, video calls, and integrate a conventional AI bot with retail data, trained for sales.

Analyze Insights for Your Brand

Discover trends, behaviors, and opportunities through profound data analysis and make informed decisions to drive your brand.

Protect your pricing policies

Monitor and secure the pricing policies of your products across all your digital sales channels, detect violations and take action on them.


Sales Increase


Operational Savings


Return on investment


Eduardo Yon

Track record

Our Experience

Over 30 years revolutionizing the world of eCommerce. With a career involving leading brands such as Samsung, HP, and Riot Games. His experience and vision now enhance the solutions at Pervasive Mind, transforming the way brands interact with and understand digital commerce.


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Pervasive Mind Solutions

MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)

Establish and continuously monitor the minimum advertised price. This tool is essential for ensuring that your brand's image and value remain intact, preventing unfair competition, and guaranteeing a fair price in the market.


Price Analysis

With this tool, you can obtain a complete breakdown of market prices. In addition to comparison, it helps you to adjust your pricing strategy by identifying opportunities to maximize your profits and maintain appropriate competitiveness.

Share Of Shelf

Monitor the digital space and quantify the visibility of your products on different platforms. With Share Of Shelf, you ensure that your products are not only present but dominate the space, guaranteeing maximum exposure to your target audience.

Qualitative Analysis

Discover beyond the numbers. This analysis allows you to understand the opinions, emotions, and feelings of consumers towards your brand, providing valuable insights to improve and strengthen the relationship with your audience.

Streamline, Simplify, and Automate Your Customers' Shopping Experience



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